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Rank L/Smn., Submarine Detector, MiD 3 times
Service # V19037
Unit # RNCVR

Born in London, ON., 1920, the son of George and Vasilo Annis of Tilbury. Brother of Spero, Mary and Leo. Father of Yvonne (Tychuk). TT 3/12/42. 

Alexander served in the Royal Canadian Navy from 1939 to 1945. He served on HMCS Trillium in the North Atlantic on Convoy duty.

Alex was on a twenty one day leave in July of 1941 and visiting his family in Tilbury when he made the front page of the Tilbury Times. He brought many things home from his  fourteen moths experiences in the Navy to share.

The first thing was not some souvenir of battle but his thought about the beautiful Babs Dudley a young singer on the BBC in London, England that was “tugging at his heart strings”. A letter was awaiting Alex at his home  when he arrived. This was the twenty year old sailors first romance and he admitted it was “the real thing”. “You should see her”, he told his family, “She is swell!”. He wouldn’t say how they met bit it was “Love at first sight.”  Sadly Ike would have to put romance aside for a while while he attends training in higher submarine detection work on the east coast once his leave is over.

He did bring some souvenirs, one a German incendiary bomb which proved to be a “dud” when dropped in England. This one manufactured in 1936 but the safety pin had not been removed, he speculated that perhaps it was done on purpose?

While at sea for the eight months his ship HMCS Trillium been operating along the coast of Norway where they attacked two submarines one was confirmed as sunk. Their shipped by German aircraft. He was manning anack-ack gun and was sure that he hit the plane but it never failed to attack Trillium some of the Trilliums crew were wounded and a buddy of Ike’s was killed in the action.

He had high praise for the people of England , taking in Canadian service men and sharing their meager rations. Beside taking it easy while home he will be writing many letters to on Babs Dudley and he expects many in return. TT 24/07/41. Alex would be granted a twenty eight day leave to visit his parents in August of 1942 after many month of sea duty. TT 13/08/42.

It was reported in the CDN 31/08/42 that AB Alex Annis was home on a twenty-one day furlough. The young seaman was recently Mentioned in Dispatches (MiD) for his part in the sinking of the German battleship “BISMARK”. He had been serving in the RCN for three years.

Submarine Detector Annis began a 28 day leave from his station on the East Coast spending time at his parent’s home in August of 1943. TT19/08/43    In September of 1943 Ike was on a twenty-eight day leave to visit his parents and family, he was reported as returning to the east coast on 16 Sept, 1943. TT 16/09/43.

It was reported in the CDN 27/03/44 that Alex had been in the Navy for “four months before the outbreak of the war”. Alexander served in the Royal Canadian Navy from 15/03/1940 to 1945. He served on HMCS Trillium in the North Atlantic on Convoy duty.

In March of 1944 Alex notified his parents that his new address would be No.10 Haymarket St., London, England. At the time Alex had made more than 100 trips across the ocean on convoy duty. “He had many thrilling experiences.” CDN 27/03/44

The CDN 15/03/45 reported that A/B Seaman Annis had been granted a forty day furlough after making many trips across the ocean on convoy duty.  

After the war he became plant manager for the Lear Corporation. He was a Legion member at Branch 206.

Alexander passed away 23/01/2007 at the age of 85 years. He is interned at the McDowell Cemetery in Lakeside.





Awards MiD
Sources TT (19-08-1943), TT (16-09-1943), TT (24-07-1941), TT (19-08-1943), TT (16-03-1943)
Supplemental Information Afa: TT- 24/07/41, 19/08/43, 16/09/43. Obit-unknown source, Immemorium Reaume Funeral Home, Tilbury, LPDN.

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