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Rank Private
Service # A58412
Unit # C.I.C.
Resident Merlin, On.

Son of Mrs. Lily Armstrong of Merlin, ON.

While Milo was stationed in England in 1944 he wrote the following to the Merlin Community Club:

24 April, 1944.

I am writing this to thank you for the box of chocolate bars that I received. They sure came in handy as we can not get as good over here.

I hope you are having good weather, over here it is swell – it is warm enough to go bathing and the people have been busy on the land and the trees are all out in bud and some of the fruit trees are in bloom.

I here that Bill Gray was home on leave not so very long ago. I have not seen any of the local boys for a long time.

Milo Armstrong.

MS 18/05/44

Reported returning from overseas duty aboard the vessel Queen Mary docking at New York City.11/07/45.  


Sources CDN (11-07-1945)

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