Barlow, Douglas Summers (D. S.) Photo

Barlow, Douglas Summers (D. S.)

Rank Captain, Staff Captain, Lieutenant
Service # A470259
Unit # 11th Canadian Army Tank Regiment
Resident Chatham
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Born in 1921, the son of Dr. Harry S Barlow and Mrs. Alice M. Barlow of  142 Victoria Ave., Chatham, ON.

Douglas enlisted as a Second Lieut. With the Kent Regt., 2nd Bn. In 1941. Appears on the “Muster Roll” of the 2nd Bn., Kent Regiment as a Cpl. A470259. (MG), N.P.A.N. (date unknown). Underaged enlistment.

In July of 1942 Lieut. Barlow was on a week-end leave to visit Mr. and Mrs. Waterhouse at Port Bruce, ON. CDN 6/07/42. On the 16th of July Mrs. Hs. Barlow and Miss June Waterhouse were spending a few days with Lieut. Barlow in Barrie. CDN 16/7/42

He was promoted to Lieutenant when he went overseas in 1941 joining the Ontario Tanks (11th Canadian Tank Regt.), in England. Captain Barlow started his service at the battlefront in the Tank Corps in Italy.

He was home from training at Camp Bordon, Ontario in March of 1942.

Lieut. Barlow was serving in Sicily in 1943 in the Paterno area securing the Gerbini airfield and in Italy where he was with the tank corps. He was wounded in Italy and invalided to England where his wound were treated and he was pronounced fit for duty again. The CDN reported that Lieut. Barlow had been promoted to the general staff of the Canadian Army in Italy. CDN 18/02/44

In June of 1944 he was serving in France, then Belgium, Holland and Germany.

In December of 1944 Dr. and Mrs. Barlow received word that Lieut. Douglas Barlow was reported a casualty. He was reported to have been wounded above the left eyebrow but remained in duty as he was only slightly injured. It had been reported by CDC broadcaster Ross Munroe the fine work that Lieut. Barlow had done some “splendid work” in the Sicily campaign.

In April of 1945 he was promoted to Staff Captain with the A.R.C.O. 5th Armoured Division his duties were between the HQ and the front lines near Antwerp and Ghent, where he was slightly wounded again. His latest wounding occurred just four days after his brother Cpl. Keith Barlow was KIA in Italy with the RCR’s.

Douglas reported arriving from overseas duty aboard the “Duchess of Richmond, expected at Quebec City 19 August, 1945, listed aboard the Duchess, CDN 17/8/45   when he joined the Far-East Expeditionary Force, but the war ended. Douglas was discharged 13 November, 1945. The war had ended.  At the close of the war he was a staff officer of General headquarters in Europe. CDN 21/08/45 Captain Barlow was the youngest staff Captain in the Canadian Army.

Captain Douglas Summers Barlow just back from three years of service overseas stepped right into a new life when he married Corporal June Elizabeth Waterhouse, formerly with the RCAF(WD). There wedding took place at 15:00 hrs. at St. Andrews United Church in Chatham.

The couple honeymooned on the French River.

Douglas was discharged 13 November, 1945.

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Sources CDN 17/08/45. CDN 14/09/45, CFF-FD44, I0DE(P), MCS43, CCI-RH, KCFA 19/07/45, LM-LP, DMS, 2KRMR
Birthplace Toronto
Religion Presbyterian
Marital Status Single
When Enlisted July 1941
Next of Kin Mother- Mrs. Alice Barlow

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