Beardall, William Branwell (W. B.) Photo
Rank Major
Unit # Kent Regiment
Resident Chatham
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Kent Regiment M.G.

Trained with the First Kents. Latter went overseas and took a three months course in Commando Training during the winter of 1942.

In March of 1942 Major Beardall was the commanding officer of ‘C’ – Company of the Kent Regt. but had been sent to England to train with British Commandos. It was reported in the CDN of 28/03/42 that the Major would be in Chatham on a couple of weeks furlough before rejoining the Kents then on the west coast in BC. In an interview the Major reported that,”if ever Hitler attempted an invasion of Britain, the Canadians would be in the front lines.”

The Canadians said the Major, all training was done “on the double and with full equipment” this will be an advantage whatever the soldiers come up against. The Major reported that the morale of the troops is high and they are anxious “to get going”.

Major Beardall left Chatham for the west coast on the 29th of March.  The wives of Lieut. Coltart and Lieut. Angus would also be leaving to rejoin their hisbands in British Columbia. CDN 28/03/42

Returned to Canada and trained recruits in that field, in British Columbia. Was made 2nd in Command of the Kent Regiment from April 1944 to time of discharge.

Discharged Mary 29th, 1945.

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