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Unit # R.C.O.C.

A veteran of the Great War, he served overseas with the RCR, spending two years in France. Deke enlisted with the RCOC 8/09/1939 and arrived in England on Christmas day 1940.

It was reported in the Ridgetown newspaper in Dec. 1943 that ‘smokes’ were sent to this soldier. RIN 5/12/17

The CDN 19/02/44 reported that Deke reported “Very few enemy planes ever reached the heart of London any more, due to the heavy and intense ack-ack fire.” He also complement the many organizations that that send ‘smokes’ and clothing to the boys overseas. He also reported that the English people had been very friendly towards the Canadian in England.

Deke was home on a 30-day leave and he hoped that he would be in the war “until the job was done.”



Sources ESUC-RH, RIN

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