Bishop, Albert Earl Photo
Rank Sgt.
Service # 189576, A19215
Unit # Royal Canadian Engineers
Books Of Rememberance Page Available

Born 3 December, (used 1897 to enlist in WWI) 1899, in Wilkesport, Sombra Twsp., Lampton Co. Son of Mr. and Mrs. George H. Bishop of Dresden; his brothers Lou and Orvell also served in WWII. He enlisted in the Great War 1/12/1915, service number 189576, at the age of 16 years. He was living in Wallaceburg. Albert was awarded  a Military Medal in that war.

The war had been hard on Albert and he spent some time in Westminister Hospital suffering from “Shell Shock” (better known in the 21st century as post-tramatic stress disorder, aka PTSD.).

It was reported in the CDN 4/11/14 it was reported that his niece Sonya Gail and her cousin Peggy Marchand transcribed Albert’s story of his time in the Great War amounting to some forty-five pages, done at the time of his hospitalization as therpy for his condition. In one account of the difficulty of transporting wounded to a dressing station that “Rather than risk being shelled by the enemy by taking the road, the opted for the safety of open fields. However, the mud was so deep the made poor time with their load. Water on the field hid the holes, and the weight of the stretcher and the wounded soldier would push them down to their hips.” Even throwing away everything, great coats, gas-masks and kits it was difficult to move. “The eventually had to take the road and endured the shelling before reaching the aid station.”

Albert was living in Dresden when he enlisted on 14/09/1939 in London, ON. to the Royal Canadian Engineers at the age of 40 years. Albert served in Canada, England an N.W. Europe (France & Holland) serving with the RCE.   Prior to his returning in the later part of the was he was with a RCE Troop at the Army General Headquarters.  Reported arriving at Halifax, NS. aboard the S. S. “Nieu Amsterdam”, 9 Sept., 1945. Expected to arrive at Lachine, PQ on the 11th for leave to return to their homes. CDN 10/09/45. Reported  being welcomed back to Chatham from overseas duty by Aldermen George Kerr KC., A. G. Goodman and Bert Joyce also by Rehabilitation Officer William Foreman and Alex Copeland for the Civil Reception Committee along with hundreds of citizens. CDN 12/09/45. Sgt. Bishop was reported returning to Wallaceburg 18 September, 1945. Sgt. Albert Earl Bishop was honourably discharged 24/10/45 at London, ON. finishing his duty in two world wars. CDN 18/09/45,Family.

After the war Albert worked at the hospital in London where he was treated after the Great War and sponsored many veterans with Alcoholics Anonymous, selve medication was standard after WWII.

Albert Earl Bishop passes away in London, ON. 1/09/1973 at the age of 73.



Awards Military Medal, 1939-1945 Star, Defence Medal
Sources IODE, Family ((24-05-1919))
Height 5' 7''
Eye Colour Blue
Complexion Fair
Hair Light Brown
Race White
Birthplace Born- December 3, 1899, Sombra Township.
Religion Baptist
Last Place of Employment Wallaceburg Brass Works.
Marital Status Single
When Enlisted December 1st, 1915, September 14th, 1939
Where Enlisted Wallaceburg, ON, London, ON
Next of Kin Mother- Mrs. George H. Bishop, Wilkesport

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