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Rank Flt. Sgt.
Service # R187582
Unit # RCAF

The son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Walker of 23 Charteris, St., Chatham, ON. Joe attended Queen Mary Public School and Chatham Vocational School. he was employed at Ford’s Garage and Ontario Steel Products Co. in Chatham prior to enlisting.

It was reported in the CDN 2/11/44 that Joseph had returned home after 13 months overseas as an air gunner on a Halifax bomber and completed his 31 operational flights about 450 hours flying over France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway and Germany. Joe’s was an all Canadian crew flying in RAF Bomber Command. Joe commends the “splendid spirit and co-operation of the bombers crew” and some luck too.”

The Germans had thrown up “Plenty of flak” especially along the coastal defenses but with good navigation most of the trips proved uneventful.” Joe went on to say that when the when “Jerries” don’t send up so many planes now and when we return fire at the anti-aircraft they soon cease. They don’t want to be hit any more than we do.”

Joseph was involved in the D-Day invasion. During the D-Day landing their job was to drop there load of bombs on various points as “diversion  points along the French coast to fool the enemy and keep them guessing, where the attack would go in”.   It was quite a sight to see the armada of ships of so many types making for  Normandy.

He said that the “Robot bombs (V-1) continues to make many visits and spread destruction over southern pasts of the island.

A few months before his return, Joe returned and he met and married Miss Eileen Tully of Manchester, England 17 June.  His wife was unable to accompany her husband to Canada but was expected to arrive soon.  Eileen arrived in Canada to join her husband who had received his discharge, reported in the CDN 1/01/45.  His wife was unable to accompany her husband to Canada but was expected to arrive soon.  His wife was reported as arriving in Chatham in the CDN 1/02/45 and appears in a photograph with flt. Sgt. Walker and his mother. Joe was on a thirty day leave.

Happily Joe received his discharge from the air force with the arrival of his wife in Canada from England. He planned to have a second honeymoon at the Portage Lodge near Huntsville in Muskoka which was owned by his father.

Joe was welcomed home by family and friends  and a “fine reception” was given in his honour. He was finding it hard to get used to the few planes that flew overhead in Canada. He would have gotten used to that over his thirty day leave.



Sources CDN 31/01/45 1/02/45(P), OSP-RH, VR. IODE(N).

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