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Rank Private
Service # A68212
Unit # 11 ptn. B. Coy., Kent Regt. (A.F), Terrace BC

Alvin was living on a houseboat on Wallace St., Wallaceburg when he enlisted at No.1 District Depot at Windsor, ON.  

Pte. Wellmen station in Alberta was reported was reported visiting friends in Wilkesport. WN 26/02/42

A column in the Wallaceburg News 5/11/42, “Letter from Boys on Active Service” reported the following letter: 

                                                                                    Terrace, BC.

                                                                                    Oct. 25, 1942   Dear Sir:

   I would like to give you my appreciation for your most welcome paper as it sure id nice to hear the news of the ‘Burg’. Am very sorry for not doing this before but have been in hospital for a while as I had a little accident to my face but am getting along fine now 

   This is the new camp which we are at. Were sleeping under tents but have moved into huts now as the weather is very bad here. It has been raining most of the time.

   The closest town is 90 miles awaybut it’s hard to get there. Transportation is very bad as we only have a train every other day so we have to arrange our own shows with the help of good Y.M.C.A. which really helps us here.

   Well there isn’t much news to write about at the present so better close, so will say Good-bye for the time.

Pte. A. J. Wellman, A68212.   



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